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  1. What's New?

    It's been more than a year since my last post. I've gone from using Pyblosxom, to a custom generator (built using Python+ReST), to Pelican (Yay! New "platform"!) for this blog. I've kind of moved on from using PHP and now I'm pretty much using just ...

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  2. Creating a New Symfony Project

    This tutorial aims to teach you how to get up and running with Symfony with minimal effort. I assume that you already have Apache httpd running and that mod_php is built in it. I also assume that the php command is available in your environment.

    Let's create a new ...

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  3. Creating a Symfony Bundle

    In the first part of this tutorial, we learned how to create a new Symfony project using Composer. In this article, we'll learn how to create a new bundle and add an action to the generated controller.

    Symfony includes a console command that allows us to do several things ...

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  4. First!

    It's been a long time since I last posted anything on this blog. Me and LJ have been quite busy these past few months primarily because we finally got married last December! :)

    The experience was truly like no other. The day itself was quite crazy with everything happening so ...

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  5. I Miss Working at a Startup

    There's just so much that I miss...

    • Being able to come to work and leave the office at any time. #friendster #pusit
    • Working on cool web front-end stuff even though I really hated JavaScript back then. This was during the time when Firefox was at version 2. #friendster #pusit ...
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  6. Need Exercise? Do Burpees!

    I've never heard of the term burpee before until I came across an article on Hacker News that mentioned it.

    A burpee is a full body exercise that doesn't require equipment. It's used for strength training and as an aerobic exercise. If you think you're out ...

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  7. Gerry's Grill - Singapore

    Fancy going to Gerry's Grill to eat Filipino food? Here's an article on how to get there.

    Gerry's Grill has a branch in Marina Bay Sands. To get to Marina Bay Sands by bus, you can take any of these buses that stop at bus stop numbers ...

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