I Miss Working at a Startup

There's just so much that I miss...

  • Being able to come to work and leave the office at any time. #friendster #pusit
  • Working on cool web front-end stuff even though I really hated JavaScript back then. This was during the time when Firefox was at version 2. #friendster #pusit
  • Not being forced to use Eclipse. Did most of my work in either vim or emacs.
  • Using memcached for the first time.
  • Deploying a new social network and having hardly any sleep for 3 days. #eskwela
  • Using a Ruby port of Apache Lucene #ferret
  • Learning CakePHP to use it just for a weekend project that turned out to be a 2 (or 3, can't remember exactly) weekend project. #blackbuk
  • Working on my first Ruby on Rails app to stream music to a 1st generation iPhone. #headphones
  • Being able to use Python for something "serious" other than a college project. #isync
  • Writing a desktop application for OS X using PyObjC. #isync
  • Doing OS X development on a hackintosh. #isync
  • Doing OS X development on a real Mac. #isync
  • Going to Ice Vodka Bar in Greenbelt and getting "too" drunk for the first and so far, only time (hopefully the last, too).
  • Trying to look for a decent place to eat at 4AM but ending up going to McDonald's because all the other places were closed.