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  1. Need Exercise? Do Burpees!

    I've never heard of the term burpee before until I came across an article on Hacker News that mentioned it.

    A burpee is a full body exercise that doesn't require equipment. It's used for strength training and as an aerobic exercise. If you think you're out ...

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  2. Gerry's Grill - Singapore

    Fancy going to Gerry's Grill to eat Filipino food? Here's an article on how to get there.

    Gerry's Grill has a branch in Marina Bay Sands. To get to Marina Bay Sands by bus, you can take any of these buses that stop at bus stop numbers ...

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  3. Why do OFWs need an OEC?

    I can understand the need to keep track of OFWs abroad. People need to register or submit their personal information and update it as often as necessary so that the government is aware of their status. OFWs already pay a fee for this membership.

    What then, is the purpose of ...

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  4. I Started Using Python in College

    That was around 2003-2004. I remember I had a Numerical Analysis class (CS 131 if I recall correctly) and our professor gave us an MP (Machine Problem). He's the type of professor that doesn't force us to use a specific programming language. He would always tell us to ...

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  5. SSH Key Basics

    How to generate a key on Linux, Mac OS X or any other Unix-like operating system:

    $ ssh-keygen

    How to use a key if you specified a different file path:

    $ ssh user@hostname -i /path/to/the/private/key
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  6. Bash Scripting - The disown Built-in Command

    Have you ever started a long-running process in bash and wished you had ran it inside screen instead because you need to close your terminal session?

    If you haven't heard of, or used disown before, it's a built-in command in the Bourne Again Shell that allows you to ...

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  7. Four Basic Tones

    There are four basic tones in Chinese. They are as follows:

    Tone Number Name Pinyin Diacritic
    1st tone Yīnpíng ¯
    2nd tone Yángpíng ´
    3rd tone Shǎngshēng ˇ
    4th tone Qùshēng `

    I was listening to some videos on iTunes U because I wanted to learn Chinese. The first few videos that I ...

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